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 Weekly BIBLE study 

  Please find the scripts, topics and questions that will be discussed at our weekly Bible Study here at Hosanna.

  Week of May 8, 2024                                                                                 

Reading:  Amos 1:3-15

Outline for Discussion:

  1. Who was Amos?

  2. Why was he commissioned to scribe this book? Why did God choose him?

  3. What is significant of the Lord saying: “For three sins of Damascus, even for four, I will not relent”

  4. The same grouping of “Three even four..” is used throughout the scripture…why?

  5. Who is Ashdod and why is God's anger pointed at them?

  6. Why is this message applicable today?

Wednesday - May 8 2024 | 7pm Join via Zoom  | 

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